to the International Energy Conference 2017.
Centro de Educación Contínua Ing. Eugenio Méndez Docurro. Mexico City


The Mexican Energy Academy and the Organizing Committee are very pleased to invite to the


Which will take place from 4 until 8 September 2017, in Mexico City, Mexico.

The main purpose of the conference is to bring investigators from universities research laboratories, industrial organizations, political organizations to analyze, exchange ideas, discuss recent results and review progress on basic and applied science and politics on energy problems worldwide. This forum will lead to the proposal of novel projects on energy sector.

This multidisciplinary and multicultural conference highlights the importance of fundamental aspects from conventional sources to alternative sources of energy, paying special focus on the efficient use of energy, life-cycle assessment, environmental, social and economic sustainability, public policies and education and culture on energy awareness.

We strongly encourage all the scientific community to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations at this upcoming international symposium.

We look very much forward to meeting you in the beautiful City of Mexico, Mexico in September 2017.